Senior Technical Animator

3 months ago

Job Description

Rebellion North are looking for an experienced Technical Animator to work on Rebellion games as well as trusted industry partners on genre-defining AAA IPs. You will have the opportunity to join an ambitious team working on multiple projects using different engines including Unreal 5. Join us as we shoot for the stars!

You will be joining the talented Rebellion North studio based in our Wakefield Location. Rebellion North are a dynamic and growing team who relish challenges and punching above their weight. Our friendly & inclusive studio culture fosters an environment where all team members can reach their potential in the fastest possible time.


The Opportunity

The successful candidate will be working on supporting our animation team, creating content and mentoring team members on exciting unannounced titles.  Our dynamic and quickly growing art team is looking for a highly motivated individual to help nurture the team growth and have maximum impact on our games.


  • Develop and maintain clear documentation on tools, methods, training, processes along the animation pipeline.
  • Provide detailed input during the character creation process, from initial concept to final rigging, identifying character performance and functionality requirements.
  • Research new technologies and innovations to advance animation efficiency.
  • Be an effective communicator with code, design, art and animation to help deliver both performant and engaging game experiences.
  • Verify the quality of work and make improvements where necessary to fit technical constraints and artistic direction.
  • Be an active mentor and role model for your team. Work to maintain morale and create an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm.

Skills & Requirements

  • Able to create retargeting and batching tools to deal with a large amount of data
  • A strong demo reel that reflects experience.
  • Expert knowledge of 3D software with a technical focus on rigging and skinning.
  • Excellent experience in Unreal Engine – physics, simulation, procedural setups, etc.
  • Experience scripting, tools and pipeline development using Maya and MotionBuilder APIs.
  • Knowledgeable in both keyframed and motion capture pipelines.
  • Experience with Motion Warping and Control Rig.
  • Knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics.
  • An understanding of Pose Space deformations.

Office Location

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom