• 2023 - Phase 1: Foundation

    Conduct market research and refine target audience and value proposition.
    Develop a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • 2024 - Phase 2: Product Iteration and Funding

    Secure seed funding and potential strategic partnerships.
    Establish legal entity for company.
    Build an agile core team and recruit talent as needed. Full stack developer (PHP, CSS, HTML), Graphic designer, Marketing (social media, communication).
    Initiate branding and marketing efforts to build awareness of your platform. Target both recruiters and candidates.
    Begin testing and gathering feedback from early users and partners.
  • 2025 - Phase 3: Growth and Expansion

    Scale up user acquisition efforts. Increase traffic from candidates and recruiters.
    Increase market in Japan (International companies in Japan). Payment solutions, customer support, marketing including sales,
    Increase branding and marketing efforts to build awareness of platform.
    Expand team. Japanese, marketing and sales, potential blockchain dev.
  • 2026 - Phase 4: Fundraising and Future Plans

    Evaluate strategic and financial partnerships.
    Execute on future plans.


  • 2023

    Develop a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • 2024

    Go live
    Support feeless payments (Nano).
    Investments in the platform in several areas. Server, CDN, Licenses, Services, Plugins.
    Launch of blockchain token for general investing.
    General improvements of code, UX/UI, functionality such as search and filtering, copy, design, branding.
    General development of new features, such as Dark mode and much more.
    AI integration, for example CV analytics.
  • 2025

    Further AI integration.
    Japanese localization including related filtering development
    Expand on supported payment methods including crypto.
  • 2026

    Blockchain token integration for user incentive, buy back and cash back program, and more.

Introduction and Vision

At we believe in quality over quantity. Legacy job search sites displays listings with irrelevant positions, ads with multiple red flags or even scams, wasting time and undermining hiring integrity. Our vision is simple: offer a better product. We provide a platform for tailored job listings with advanced filters relevant to today’s working landscape, empowering users to focus on relevant opportunities.

Leveraging AI technology, we bridge the gap between recruiters and hires, streamlining the process. We combat ghosting through better use of AI and user reviews and feedback, fostering professionalism. Join us to redefine talent acquisition and job hunting. Together, we’ll transform the job market landscape, for one nerd at a time.

Market Opportunity

Even during periods of economic downturns companies still fill job sites with listings. While we don’t have specific data on actual filled jobs, the trend suggests ongoing activity in posting jobs at least.

Today’s job market sees more remote work options, but current big platforms lack in regards of providing tools to find these jobs with poor filtering options.

The emergence of AI-driven tools is reshaping how companies discover and onboard talent, presenting a potential avenue for employers to streamline their recruitment processes and reduce costs. With these advancements, businesses can explore new pathways to identify and engage top talent, complementing traditional recruitment methods while optimizing efficiency and resource allocation.

Through continuous improvement and strategic partnerships, we’re committed to offering a product that goes beyond the norm.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP):

  • Platform for Nerds and Enthusiasts: We understand that “nerds” have distinct preferences and priorities when it comes to their career paths. Our platform goes beyond traditional job search sites by offering specialized features and resources tailored to the interests and passions of the nerd community. Whether it’s opportunities in tech, gaming, science, or beyond, we ensure that nerds find their perfect fit.
  • AI and Blockchain Integration: Leveraging advanced AI and blockchain technology, we’ll develop innovative features that resonate with the tech-savvy mindset of our target audience. From personalized job recommendation, candidate recommendations to blockchain-based incentives, we provide nerds with a platform that aligns with their values of efficiency, transparency, and innovation.
  • Continuous Evolution and Adaptation: We recognize that the nerd community is diverse and ever-evolving, and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve. Through an agile process, we strive to anticipate the evolving needs and preferences of our users, ensuring that our platform remains relevant and indispensable in their career journeys.

Target Audience

Job Seekers, Employers, and Recruiters: We specifically target niche industries and demographics, including game developers, content creators, internet professionals, AI and blockchain experts, software developers, graphics designers and more. By focusing on these specialized communities, we ensure that our platform resonates deeply with their unique interests and career aspirations.

Attraction Strategies

  • Employers and Recruiters: We’ll leverage paid advertisement to attract employers and recruiters to our platform, showcasing the value of connecting with our diverse pool of talent.
  • Job Seekers: We’ll incentivize job seekers by offering our blockchain Token for their engagement and participation on the platform. Additionally, we empower candidates by allowing them to rate employers, ensuring transparency and accountability in the hiring process. Our platform prohibits any obvious shady companies, providing job seekers with a safer and more efficient platform.
  • Engagement on Social Media: To engage with job seekers, we actively participate in social media communities such as Twitter and Reddit, fostering discussions and sharing insights within niche communities like indie gaming and job search forums. Furthermore, by accepting specific crypto payments, we aim to capture the attention and interest of crypto-savvy audiences within our target demographics.
  • Referrals. When candidates refer others to sign up, both receive Token sign-up bonus after manual review. Additionally, recruiters receive a discount coupon.
  • Seed Funding Marketing: Securing seed funding is a crucial part of our marketing strategy. With the support of investors, we’ll amplify our reach and accelerate user acquisition efforts. Seed funding not only provides us with the financial resources to scale our operations but also lends credibility to our platform, attracting attention from both users and potential partners.
  • Product Overview: See

Technology Stack

  • CMS: WordPress with Elementor and Woocommerce.
  • Payment providers: PayPal, Stripe (to be used), Nano (to be used).
  • Algorand Blockchain Technology: JobsforNerds Blockchain Token (TBD).

Monetization Strategies

  • Pay-to-List Job Ads: We offer companies and recruiters the opportunity to list job advertisements on our platform for a fee. This pay-to-list model ensures that job listings are high-quality and relevant, creating value for both employers and job seekers. See pricing.
  • Premium employer: We’ll offer employers and recruiters access to candidate profiles, featured (as a company) and more.
  • Premium candidate: Candidates to be featured in searches, be able to like or dislike job listings and more.
  • Advertising Opportunities.

Exit Strategy

Exit strategy remains open for discussion and evaluation.

Risks and Challenges

The job search industry is dynamic and highly competitive, with evolving market trends and shifting user preferences. To mitigate this risk, we continuously monitor market dynamics and invest in innovation to differentiate our platform and stay ahead of the competition.